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Train and marbles, though here they naturally interact with one another, are actually of opposite character. They appear inappropriate for this place, like Duchamp's coal sack (1938) at the ceiling of an exhibition space, or threatening like his trap-like thread weavings (1942) in front of paintings. Schäfer's marbles would mean great danger to passengers who, except of the viewer outside the image, are missing. As a trip hazard they allow humorous associations. As an abstract image interference the white clouds of marbles push their way through the image frame and mark an additional image layer beyond the one of the train floor that is filmed. Their function equals a dynamic, non-objective image structure that is comparable to approaches of kinetic art or the group zero, where light and movement become alive in the art work. Since the swaying of the train does not effect the space of the viewer, the marbles fulfill the function to illustrate movement. The camera angle remains static. That the train is moving can only be realized by the way the marbles roll across the picture.

Acting as white noise, the marbles are taking the center like an image interference. The static view of the ground and the swift speed of the white dots across it appear as a contrary image information and tend to overstrain my focusing. I get lost in the decision whether I should concentrate on the floor or follow the stream of rolling marvels with my view.
(Extract from the catalog, text by Holger Birkholz)


swing in a perpetual state of post-pulse oscillation.

you made my day

you made my day is a compilation of experimental works I realized within the first three weeks of 2011 (one per day). It was an attempt to approach my creative potential in a rather spontaneous, less elaborate way. I posted the results on my blog for people to follow or even participate in the process. check out the whole documentation here:

meer, festival junger talente 2010

im tannenwald, xqm 2011